Sunday, January 8, 2012

6 Months Old

It's hard to believe that Max is 6 months old! This past month has probably been the most fun and my favorite, yet. We've visited family, celebrated Christmas and New Year's, and Max is more and more smiley and interactive everyday. His personality is really starting to emerge and he's so much fun to play with.

We went to see Dr. Dykstra this week for his 6 month check up and so she could evaluate his cold. The poor baby has had 3 colds since October and he can't seem to get over this last one. She said his lungs and ears are clear and that this pesky cough is probably just going to hang on for a while. Max now weighs 14lbs and 7 oz and is 25.25 inches long. He's had a big growth spurt this month and has now moved from less than the third percentile to the tenth percentile for weight and length. We were very excited about this, but it's no surprise because he's been eating so much better lately. Dr. Dykstra gave him a clean bill of health and said we could now introduce baby food. So, that evening I fed him green beans. It was so much fun! He can't quite figure out how to eat from a spoon, but he loves the green beans! He's rolling over some and getting close to consistently sleeping through the night. Tyler and I can't wait until he gives up that 3am feeding so we can both get some more sleep.

Here are some of his favorites lately...

1. Green beans, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal
2. His Johnny Jump Up
3. Rolling around on the floor on his owl play mat.
4. Looking in the mirror; He cackles every time he sees himself.
5. Watching his Elmo sing and dance while Max sits in his bumbo chair
6. Playing in his new interactive zoo jumperoo. He can jump and play at the same time.
7. Bath time.
8. When Daddy makes him laugh by being silly or tickling him.
9. Rolling around on the floor in front of the fire while trying to get his feet in his mouth. He loves to watch the fire.


1. Sleeping through the night
2. A cold bottle; he likes it almost steaming hot.
3. Tummy time
4. Rice cereal. After trying it for nearly a month, we had to give it up and try oatmeal and veggies. He hates rice cereal and refuses to eat it!

a new favorite pastime is trying to get his feet in his mouth
Petting Annie for the first time. He suddenly took an interest in her last week
Practicing tummy time on Daddy's knees. Peek-a-boo!
"Daddy likes to find my tickle spots and make me giggle"
Having fun in our Johnny-Jump-Up

Max's favorite toy is still his owl play mat. He loves to roll around and play with the hanging toys
Two peas in a pod! Max loves to sit with his daddy and watch football
Trying baby food for the first time. He had green beans and loved them!
Yum, yum!
"My new toy! So much to play with and I can even bounce! So much fun; what do I do first?"