Thursday, September 6, 2012

14 Months Old

Max is now 14 months old and more fun than ever. It's been a great month with lots of fun things going on. Here are some photos of what we've been up to...

We had a play date at our house a few weeks ago with Tripp, Lilly, Walker, Ellen, and Morgan. It was wild and so much fun!!

Max and Tripp playing with mega blocks

Lilly is so beautiful and photogenic. She took some of her first steps at our house too! Way to go Lilly!

Morgan is so much fun and a great dancer! She plays so well with all the kids.

Ellen and Max playing together. Sweet Ellen is so pretty and delicate, not like these rambunctious boys.

Play dates are becoming more interesting since the kids don't know how to share yet. It's hilarious to watch them when they all want the same toy at the same time.

"Did they leave us all alone?" 

"What do we do now?"

Max has been extra snuggly lately and loves to give hugs and kisses all day long. It melts my heart every time.

Last week, we attended the American Heart Association's Survivor Soiree at the Nashville Zoo. Since Max is a AHA survivor, we were invited to tour the zoo for free that evening. Dinner was provided and they had a lovely little program honoring survivors. They are also trying to help spread the word about the upcoming Heart Walk on October 6th. We need as many walkers and donations as possible in order to help make this event a success as well as to help raise money for ongoing research. This cause if very dear to my heart and Tyler's. We would love for you to join our team and donate and/or walk, if you would like to. If you're interested, please let us know. We really enjoyed our evening as it was Max's first time at the zoo. What a great memory! 

Tyler showing Max the giraffes.

The daddy giraffe came by to say hello to Max and Tyler




The flamingos were Max's favorite because we could get so close to them and they are so brightly colored. 

Our friend, Stephanie, works for the American Heart Association and she was in charge of organizing the event. She did an amazing job and we really appreciate such a great event. We hope to go again next year!

Max and and Daddy sharing a homemade doughnut at the Farmer's Market. We had a fun family morning shopping for fresh produce and enjoying all the booths.

Max had a good doctor's appointment with the electrophysiologist yesterday. Everything looks great!