Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Easter Everyone!

Easter was so much fun this year and we had such a fun time celebrating with friends and family. Max absolutely loved the Easter Bunny at the Cool Springs Mall. He talked to him, played peek-a-boo, and had a blast sitting on his lap talking to him. I literally had to tell him his turn was over...

...and then there was the Easter Bunny at Old Natchez Country Club. He didn't like him near as much. This photo is very similar to the one we got with Santa a few months ago...sheer terror.  I had no idea he was so picky about his bunnies.

He was a little less terrified of him when he sat on my lap instead of the bunny's. 

On Saturday, we met several of our friends at Old Natchez Country Club for brunch,visiting the Easter Bunny and an egg hunt. Pal and Uncle Eric joined us, and it was so much fun. 

 Our Easter family photo

Just running around the golf course after brunch. He loves to run and play outdoors and explore.

I love this photo of Tyler watching Max run around the golf course. Hopefully Max will enjoy playing golf one day with his dad and they can play the course together. 

Tyler helping Max hunt Easter Eggs indoors at Old Natchez Country Club. The weather was cold and misty, so the Easter Bunny delivered eggs indoors for the kids.

I wonder if he is looking for the Easter Bunny in our garden? That would be a good place to look!

On Sunday morning we went to church as a family and then went to the Bailey's house for brunch. 

Walker giving Max a "Happy Easter and good morning" hug when we arrived at their house for brunch.

Allison and I made Easter cookies to share. They were delicious!

Allison and I made a delicious brunch for all of us to share. 

 Nice spread!

Allison made Max and Walker cinnamon roll bunnies for breakfast. What a cute idea!

Best buddies hanging out and drinking out of their new Easter Bunny sippee cups

After brunch, we did an indoor egg hunt since it was too cold and rainy outside and the boys loved it! Max wanted to shake and open every egg he picked up, and then eat the candy inside. Walker's technique was different. He wanted to gather as many eggs as he could as fast as he could.

You're looking a little worn out after the egg hunt, buddy. Was it hard work?

Then they played with toys until it was time to go home and take a nap. 

Max's Easter Basket
The Easter Bunny also brought him an indoor basketball game which he loves.

Aunt Brooke came to see us Easter night and spent time loving on Max. What a wonderful Easter we had with friends and family and we made so many sweet memories!