Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Merry, Merry Christmas

Christmas with the Alexander's 

We celebrated Christmas with Mimi and Pal the weekend before Christmas and what a fun day it was! We spent the whole day hanging out, opening gifts, and we shared a delicious meal together. Max and Tressa Kate were very excited, to say the least, and loved their new toys. 

Chelsea and I got new shoes from Mimi and Pal and we love them!

Max and Pal share a love for 
wasabi peas, so Max gave them to Pal for Christmas

It's amazing how entertaining a balloon can be

Max got a workbench from Mimi and Pal. He loves to hammer the nails in the wood.

Uncle Eric and Chelsea got Max a scooter. We can't wait to try it out when the weather gets a little nicer.

Mimi and Pal got Max and TK their own table and chairs. They decided to take a break from opening presents and have a snack at the new table.

What a cool tent! Max loves tents right now and he and TK had fun looking out the windows.

Superman!!! Max got a superman/batman cape and Tressa Kate got a princess/wonderwoman cape. Together, they will keep the house safe!

Christmas with the Everett's

After leaving Mimi and Pal's house, we got up the next morning and drove to Memphis to celebrate with Tyler's side of the family. It was so nice to be able to visit with everyone and Max had so much fun playing with his older cousins! Everyone came to the house late afternoon and we opened gifts and shared a delicious dinner together. 

All the grandkids...Everett, Benjamin, Max, Cate, Emery, and Amelia

All the siblings... Hannah, Brooke, Sara, and Tyler

Dede, Pop, and all their grandkids

Opening presents was wild and crazy with all those kids, but that's what makes Christmas so much fun!

Daddy helped Max open his stocking from Dede and Pop

Max took a break from playing with his new toys to say thank you to Pop

Cate, Benjamin, and Everett showed Max how to build a tower and then destroy it. 

Snuggling Aunt Hannah

Christmas Eve

We left Memphis Christmas Eve morning and drove back home so we could go to our church for the Christmas Eve service. Grandpa Tom came to visit us from Atlanta and went to church with us. Church was awesome and Max decided to stay in "big church" with us instead of going to the nursery. He did great, and he especially liked all the music. Then we came home and opened a gift and got ready for Santa to visit.

Max telling Grandpa Tom thank you for his Christmas money and Happy Feet DVD.

We set cookies and milk out for Santa so he would be sure to bring Max some good toys. Max was a little confused about the process. He kept wanting to eat the cookies and drink the milk himself.

Christmas Morning

I loved our tree so much this year! Max made several ornaments at preschool and I loved seeing them on our tree.

Santa did come and brought Max lots of presents! Some of them included a grocery stand with food, a cash register, a cupcake decorating kit, books, and some decorations for his "big boy room."

We all were able to sleep in since Max didn't wake up until almost 8:30.

He definitely didn't totally grasp the whole "Santa" concept, but he was still very excited about all his new toys.

He was hilarious opening gifts. He took forever opening each gift and then wanted to play with each one. Tyler and I had to keep speeding up the process or we would have been opening up presents all day. I'll bet next year will be a very different process and he will tear into them.

Mimi and Pal came over late morning to share the day together. We had a really nice brunch, opened more gifts and then watched a movie together. What a nice, relaxing Christmas day!

Watching Happy Feet with Mimi and Pal

Tyler and I wanted to make sure that Max didn't think Christmas was just about Santa and presents, so we got a birthday cake for Jesus and sang Happy Birthday to Him. We plan on making this one of our many traditions we are starting for our family. 

Of course Max LOVED this idea and helped himself to his own piece. Before Christmas I asked Max what he wanted Santa to bring him. His answer was "cake." So, needless to say, he was happy to throw Jesus a birthday party.

Playing with his new train set

Relaxing with Grandpa Tom

We had a really nice visit with Grandpa Tom