Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weekend Getaway to Memphis

Tyler had some business meetings come up in Memphis at the last minute, so Max and I tagged along and took the opportunity to visit family. We had such a great weekend!! We did all kinds of fun things and wish we could visit more often. We got to visit with Hannah since she is home for a little bit during the summer. Max adores Hannah. He also loves going to Dede and Pop's house and letting them spoil him. 

Riding Clifford around Dede and Pop's house

Max and Dede had fun playing outside in the dark. He loves that little bike!

Is this cute or what? The boy loves his horse, that's for sure!

Getting acquainted with Lola. He was a little scared of her when he first saw her...

...and just that quick he gave her a hug and they were instantly best friends!

Dede took us to a splash park and we had a blast! What a fun morning splashing around in the water, watching the kids, and looking at the ducks! Thanks Dede!

Dede and Max playing in the water

Time for a snack. What could be better than a Pop Ice on a hot morning? Max and Daddy love to share these.

A sweet kiss for Dede for bringing us to such a fun place!

Max is such a people watcher, like his daddy. He spent more time watching the other kids play than he did playing himself.

He thought the ducks were so awesome

Chipping some balls with Daddy on Pop's chipping green.

Riding "Big Country" with Daddy. He absolutely loves riding and driving this thing around the property. This is usually Pop and Max's thing to do together, but Daddy wanted to take a ride.

On Friday, we went to the Memphis Zoo, which is amazing by the way. Max absolutely loved feeding the giraffes. He got so excited every time it took the lettuce from his hand. Who knew giraffes were so friendly and sweet?

Pop loves the zoo and comes often with the grandchildren. He is so sweet! 

We were so fortunate to see the pandas. They are on loan from China and they are Tyler's favorite animal he saw at the zoo. He sat there just eating bamboo and chillin' out.

Max had a snack and panda had a snack

He sure loves his daddy!

A little sleepy after a long morning of seeing lots of animals and having lots of fun

Sharing ice cream with Daddy

His second favorite thing to do at the zoo (first is feeding the giraffes) is visiting the petting zoo. He loved the sheep and kept trying to talk to them and pet them.

He also loves horses; I thought he was going to climb through the fence.

Of course the lions are always impressive