Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

I agree that Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year. This year, I really tried to make a point of trying not to get too caught up in the "hustle and bustle" of the holiday, and instead really enjoy them. I want to enjoy spending this special time with Max since I know he won't be little for long. We got to see a lot of our friends and family over the holidays and that made it even more special. On the 23rd, we had a quiet night at home with just the three of us. We opened our gifts to each other and for Max. We didn't think he would take much interest in opening or playing with the new toys, since sometimes it can be overwhelming. We were wrong; he opened and played with every gift. It was so much fun to watch him. Here are some of our photos...

His new drum set to play with in the tub

Tyler was so excited to get him his first set of golf clubs. He will enjoy them in the Spring. 

He also got musical instruments. He and Tyler put on a show with them.

Dede and Pop got him a John Deere tractor and he absolutely loves pushing it around the house.

On Christmas Eve morning, we got up and drove to Hendersonville to spend the day with my family. Grandma Alexander came to town to celebrate the holiday with us.

Singing Elmo is always a favorite

Uncle E took Max for a tractor ride and he loved it!

That afternoon, Tyler stayed home with Max, and the rest of us went to Christmas Eve mass. It's my family's tradition to go to mass every Christmas Eve and then cook appetizers at home and open a few gifts. Max and Tyler had fun playing while we were at church, and then we all had dinner and a nice evening together. 

Max's Santa sack 

He was very curious about it.

He got several puzzles for Christmas and was very interested in them. 

Mimi loves puzzles, so they worked on them together.

On Christmas morning, Mom made a wonderful breakfast and then we opened gifts and stockings. It was such a fun day and Max loved all his gifts.

Mimi and Pal thought Max needed his own recliner. Doesn't he look cute in it?!

What more does a toddler need than his own chair, a cell phone, and some milk?

Uncle E got Max a tent and tunnel to crawl in and out of. He is a little hesitant, but I'm sure it will become a favorite soon.

Uncle Eric also got Max a truck. He loves "driving" around in it and climbing in and out. 

Mimi and Pal got him an outdoor kitchen and grill and he couldn't like it more! He loves it and plays with it for hours everyday. They thought it would be the perfect gift since he loves watching and helping me cook in the kitchen. They were right!

Playing Christmas music with Mimi on the piano 

4 generations

All worn out after a long day of playing with all his new gifts. What a special Christmas!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getting Ready for Christmas

This Christmas season was so special and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We spent time with a lot of our friends and family and tried to enjoy all the simple things that come with the season. Here are some photos...

Max LOVES those silly little stuffed animals that sing and dance. He also loves sitting in the recliner with Daddy and watching tv.

He also likes to pull the tags and bows off all the Christmas presents.

Playing with the Nativity

One evening I turned "Christmas Vacation" on tv and made Christmas cookies. It was so much fun and helped me get into the holiday spirit.

Nothing like a kid and his candy cane!

He also loves pulling ornaments off the tree and 

Playing in his Santa sack

The first time seeing Santa this year...

...and the last time! He saw Santa 3 times this year and each time was a little more bothersome to him. By the time we got to the third visit, Max was terrified.

Hanging out with Grandpa Tom. He spent a long weekend with us right before Christmas.

Max loves reading new books

His gift from Grandpa Tom

Tearing the paper and opening gifts is really fun for him

Grandpa got him his first trike and he absolutely loves it! He loves riding it around the house and taking it to the park.

He also loved playing in the box it came in. Oh, the simple things in life!

Taking the new trike for a spin