Sunday, April 15, 2012

9 Months Old

9 months old and loving life!
Max is starting to get a chubby little belly!

This has been a really fun month even though he was so sick a few weeks ago. Max is learning new things everyday and I can tell his little brain is working so hard to learn as much as he can. He does something new every few days and I love that! He now weighs 18 pounds, has 2 teeth, is sitting up very well on his own, is babbling a lot, and almost crawling. On Easter Sunday, Max started saying "dada dada dada." I'm not sure we can count it as his first word since he doesn't necessarily associate it with Tyler, but it sure is cute. He started babbling so much this last week. This week he has also gotten so much stronger and is starting to scoot on his belly. When he gets just a little bit stronger, he will be crawling. For now, if he wants to get across the room, he has no problem rolling across the floor. It's amazing how quickly he can get across the room! Usually it's chasing Annie, Rosie, or to get a toy.
His very favorite thing, swinging. He's so happy and relaxed when he is swinging that he usually falls asleep in the swing. And how cute is he in those little sunglasses? He loves to wear them.
His swing at Mimi and Pal's house
What a sweet baby!
Max is also obsessed with Annie and Rosie. He loves to pet them and watch them.
He still loves to put his feet in his mouth
He gets stronger everyday and it won't be long before he's crawling.
We checked his pacemaker from home last week and all is well. Max did really well and we much prefer checking it this way rather than going to Vandy every other month.
This month he's really mastered sitting up on his own and enjoys sitting up and playing with his toys instead of laying down all the time.
He likes when Daddy reads him books.
His favorite snacks are those little dissolvable flavored puffs. We don't go anywhere without them! By the way, that's my highchair from when I was a baby. Also, Mimi gave his his first cookie a few weeks ago and he absolutely loved it! He is definitely going to have a sweet tooth!
Tyler went to the Master's practice round a few weeks ago and brought Max this Master's onesie. He looks so cute in it playing with his golf toy! I sure hope the kid likes golf, because we're sure putting a lot of pressure on him to like golf and play it someday :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Very Happy Easter

What a wonderful Easter! We went to church Saturday night and it was such an uplifting service. Sunday morning we drove to Hendersonville to have brunch with Mimi, Pal, and Uncle Eric. Then the boys played golf, and Max, Mimi and I hung out at home for the day. Max loves his swing, so we spent a lot of time outside swinging and listening to the birds. When the boys came home, we went to Carmen and Dave's house to visit friends for the evening. It was a very nice, relaxing Easter with family and friends

An Easter brunch before the boys played golf
"I love my Mimi and Pal!"