Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Easter!

Max's class at school before their Easter egg hunt

hunting for eggs on the playground at school

We met several of our friends at Old Natchez Country Club for "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny." It was so much fun and the kids had a great time. 

Max acted like a pro doing the egg hunt

breakfast with our friends

What breakfast is complete without a cupcake? Max's favorite thing in the world is cupcakes, so he was a happy boy

I hope they are all best friends for a long, long time

Run, run, run as fast as you can...

Silly Rabbits!

The Easter Bunny visited our house on Easter morning...

...and Max was very excited about it

Then we went to Mimi and Pal's house to spend the day. I think it was the best Easter we have ever had. Max opened his Easter basket from Mimi and Pal; it had all kinds of fun toys and treats in it.  

Then we had a delicious lunch together and played outside with his new toys.

After his nap, Eric, Chelsea and Tressa Kate came over. The kids had so much fun playing together in the yard while the adults visited and soaked up the sunshine and warm weather. 

Sharing cheese puffs under their new picnic table

The wheel barrel ride was one of their favorite things they did all day... oh the simple things in life!

They were adorable doing their Easter Egg hunt together!

Monday, April 14, 2014

January, February, and March

I didn't realize that I hadn't posted anything since Christmas, so here is a summary of the last few months...

Some of his favorites include...
Hummus and crackers (he calls it "tummus").
Cheese puffs
Chicken and french fries
Mickey Mouse, all of the Ice Age movies, and Monsters Inc.
Riding his big wheel bike on the sidewalk

He is very independent and has taken an interest in doing any household chore I will allow him to. He loves to stand at the sink and rinse off dirty dishes. He also loves helping me put clean clothes in the dryer and also feeding Lola her dog food. He's become quite the little helper.

We've had very few nice days this winter, but if it was nice, we were at the park.

Max adores Aunt Hannah and loved spending time with her. 

Dede and Pop came to town to watch Aunt Hannah coach volleyball. Max being in the gym and watching the games. 

In January, I thought he was ready to move into his "big boy" bed and room, but it was a false alarm. I rushed to finish his room because I thought he was done sleeping in his crib. We tried sleeping in there, but he decided he wasn't quite ready. Instead, it's just another playroom.

He gave it a try, but then got scared and asked to go back to his "baby bed."

Tressa Kate invited Max to her 3rd birthday party at the bowling alley. It was Max's first time bowling and he wasn't really sure what to do. Tressa Kate has been several times before, so she showed him what to do. He was pretty intimidated, so he mostly watched. He was really interested in the ball return machine, though. Afterward, we went back to Eric's house for pizza, cupcakes, and presents. It was such a fun party!

Ms. Tammy, Max and Walker's teacher, snapped this one while they were watching a video at school. How sweet is this!

Every day after school, Max and Walker hold hands from their classroom all the way to the outside door. They couldn't be better friends!

Max now loves to climb in bed with us in the morning and snuggle while watching cartoons. We love it too!

On Valentine's Day, Max had a fever virus and his fever reached 104 degrees. I think Lola knew he didn't feel well because she didn't leave his side and literally laid on top of him while they both watched cartoons. She looks like she's trying to hold him. 

Celebrating Valentine's Day at home by eating cupcakes, Max's favorite thing in the whole world.

Snuggling with Daddy

Another fun day at our neighborhood park. He has become quite adventurous lately and likes to climb monkey bars

Swinging is always a favorite

We've graduated to the "big boy" slide

His new accomplishment

Getting a haircut from Carmen

Max went with Walker to watch his very first movie, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, at the movie theater. They were crazy excited and loved having their own popcorn, fruit snacks, and drink. They actually both told me they liked that part better than the movie. Silly boys!

In March, Grandmama came to visit. She brought crafts; Max loved using the gluestick to help make the Easter basket.

Then, he showed Grandmama around his turf

They also had a picnic together. He's really into picnics right now.

We had such a wonderful visit with Grandmama and we wished we could see her more often. Max loved spending time with her (and he also loved the jelly beans she brought him).

Max had his first dentist appointment a few weeks ago and he did so well! It was more of a meet and greet than anything else, but he did let them clean his teeth.