Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What a Wonderful Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers. This day is one of my favorite holidays for so many reasons. What would this world be like without good mothers? As a was reflecting on what it means to be a mother, I was overwhelmed by so many feelings and I realized that I've never been more blessed. I feel so proud to be Max's mother and I can only hope that I enrich his life half as much as he does mine. I feel so honored to be a mother, and I must say, I feel like it's my greatest accomplishment in life, so far. Motherhood can bring out the best and worst in you and there is so much to learn about being a mom. I'm sure you never stop learning! The love you have for a child is so powerful that it almost cannot be explained and it comforts me that I'm sure my own mother feels that same way about me.

My own mother is incredibly special to me and we are best friends. I cherish our relationship so much and she undoubtedly has been an amazing role model for me to become a mother to Max. I also have other women in my life that I feel have "mothered" me and strongly influenced me in a positive way and I am very thankful for their guidance.

Here are some photos from Mother's Day weekend...

Mimi, Amy and Max

What a sweet face!

A sweet Mother's Day kiss from my baby

Stopping to "smell the roses." 

Let me outta here!

Max and his Mimi


One of Max's favorite things to do is to visit the horse down the street. He loves to feed him carrots and apples.