Sunday, February 19, 2012

Max and Uncle Eric

Max thinks Uncle Eric is the best Uncle ever! He loves Max so much, always asks how he's doing, and also tries to come visit whenever we are in Hendersonville. Uncle Eric got Max some super cute UT gear for Christmas and recently he got him a t-shirt and onesie from his trip to Martha's Vineyard. That was so thoughtful! Below is a photo of his "crabby" shirt that Uncle Eric got him. It's perfect for Max! Hopefully sometime soon Max can visit Uncle Eric at his new house and hang out for a while.

What a cute photo!
This is the perfect shirt for Max because he is crabby quite a bit
"I want to go to Uncle Eric's new house to watch football."

Valentine's Day with My Little Valentine

Max and I had a very nice Valentine's Day together. In the afternoon we went to his school to his Valentine Party. I was so excited because it was his first school party. Jess went too and we hung out with the boys and Ms. Abby.

"I am beary cute!"
Valentine's Party at Southgate with Jess, Tripp, Ms. Abby, Elle, Amy, and Max
My first school party was Max's Valentine party at Southgate.
Max sent Ms. Abby, his teacher, a card and asked if she would be his Valentine. She said "yes."
Max's crib at school. I love the owl theme! I don't think he probably spends too much time in that crib though since he won't nap in it
Tyler walked out of the room for a minute, and when he returned, he found Max like this! I guess it's time to start strapping him in!
What a little monkey!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

7 Months Old

Max is now 7 months old and doing well! He weighs 15 lbs and 4 oz and he reveals more of his cute little personality everyday. We've been to the pediatrician a lot this month because he's had one cold after another which have led to ear infections and bronchiolitis. He's had it a little rough lately, but we've still been having a lot of fun too. I'm really enjoying snuggling with him and I love to see how he lights up when Tyler walks into the room. He and Tyler are such good buds!

Here are a few of his likes and dislikes this month...

1. Playing in his zoo jumperoo.
2. Reading books.
3. Pears, pears, pears. (the kid can't get enough pears)
4. Kicking his legs no matter if he's happy or mad
5. Chewing on his feet
7. Rolling all around on his play mat and reaching for his toys. He's rolling over well in both directions now, and sometimes he gets going in a continuous roll (like a tumble weed).
8. He loves to touch our faces.
9. He's much more aware of his surroundings and is very curious when we go somewhere new.
10. I think he likes Ms. Abby at school. She says he is adjusting well and she calls him her little prince.
11. Max is very excited about his friend, Tripp joining the class. Tripp is one of his best friends.
12. His best new trick he's learned is holding his own bottle. He loves to lay on the floor and drink a little milk or juice.

1. Ear infections and being sick. Holy cow, those ear infections must hurt because he's pitiful when he has one.
2. Peas and most veggies, but definitely peas. If I touch a spoon with peas to his lips, he immediately gags. I guess we won't try those anymore.
3. He hates the taste of his antibiotics too. The last dose was flavored like bubblegum, and he absolutely despised it and would refuse to eat if he smelled it.
This is Max's best new trick; he can hold his own bottle!

We can now check the function of Max's pacemaker from home so we don't have to go to Vandy as often. Every other month we hook him up to the machine, and then call the pacemaker lab and they read the results. Very cool and Max much prefers this way!
Mommy's little UT fan

He loves to do "No more monkeys jumping on the bed" as I throw him into the air.
He also has quite a few tickle bugs.
Sweet baby! I love this one!
Mimi and Pal have a giant monkey at their house and Max likes to play with it.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sick Baby

Well, it's been a while since my last post. We've been taking care of a sick baby for a while now. Max has a cold as well as bronchiolitis and an ear infection. Poor baby! This is his fifth cold since October and he can't seem to get better and stay that way.

Two weeks ago he got a nasty cold that turned into a double ear infection and he was really miserable. That cleared up over the weekend and as soon as he was feeling better, he got another cold. Monday morning we discovered he had developed another cold and had a temperature of 104.2. His fever really scared me, but Tyler stayed home with him and took him to the pediatrician. She thought it was probably just a virus and would clear up on its own. He continued to get worse this week, so I called them again this morning and we went in for another visit. His cold has now developed into an ear infection and bronchiolitis. He's now on his second round of antibiotics.

The poor kid can't catch a break! He's not been to school in about 3 weeks, and Tyler and I are taking turns staying home with him to try to get him feeling better. This week Mimi and Pal took care of him Wednesday and Thursday so Tyler and I didn't miss another day of work. I know they always enjoy their time together.

Hopefully now that we've started antibiotics again, he will be feeling a little better in the morning. Here's some photos of our little patient...

Poor baby looks pitiful. We've been trying to get him to sleep a lot so he will get better quickly. He loves being swaddled and sleeping in his swing.
Mimi tried to find his tickle bugs
Max was too sick to go to school on Thursday, so Mimi and Pal babysat so Tyler and I could go to work. They had a sleepover Wednesday night and played all day on Thursday.
Max loves when Daddy reads him books
Even though he feels rotten, he loves to have his bath and get a scalp massage.