Monday, November 17, 2014

Celebrating my birthday with my boys

Tyler asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, so I told him, and we did exactly that. It was the perfect birthday with my boys! We went to church and then had a delicious breakfast at Old Natchez Country Club. Max loved his waffles with sprinkles, syrup and milk cream (as he calls it). 

Then, the three of us went to Gentry's Farm and let Max play for a while. It was so much fun seeing Max play, run around, and have fun. I love spending time with the two of them and we had a great time at the farm together. 

His favorite part of the day was the hayride. 

He picked out the perfect pumpkin to take home with us.

Later that night, the weather was beautiful so we grilled out and then built a fire in our backyard. It was wonderful! We all three cuddled by the fire and made s'mores, Max's new favorite dessert. It was such a memorable and special birthday!

A few nights later, Mom and Dad invited us all over for a bonfire and birthday celebration. Chelsea, Eric, and Tressa Kate came over too. We had bbq, grilled hotdogs, made s'mores,  and played outside.  Pal even took the kids on a hayride around the yard. What a fun time that was!

Fun at Gentry Farms with Lilly and Walker

One of our favorite things to do in the Fall is go to Gentry's Farm. There are so many fun things to do for the kids and we love letting them run around and explore. Walker and Lilly joined us and we had such a great day together!

Max hiding in the teepee

I love to see how much he grows every year.

Lilly and Walker could have played in the corn all day, but Max wasn't into it. He preferred seeing the animals and playing on the slides. 

I'm so thankful for this sweet boy!

Max loved playing on all the different slides at the farm. That was his favorite thing to do other than the hayride. 

He thinks he is so cool with his rain boots!

The kids loved the hayride. We got a tour of the grounds and saw lots of cows. 

The kids all picked out their own pumpkin at the end of the day.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2014 AHA Heart Walk

The Heart Walk is always one of the highlights of our year. We feel so incredibly blessed to have Max and that he lives a normal, healthy life, so we love helping raise money for the AHA and participating in the Heart Walk every year. We know that funds that have been raised in the past have directly affected our family and we are so thankful for that. Every year in October, we round up our friends and family and walk a 5k around Vandy's campus. There are usually around 13k people that show up and I feel like it's incredibly inspiring and instills a sense of hope in me for the future of these kids and other heart patients. This year we had an amazing team of supporters! Aunt Paula, Grandmama, and Dede and Pop all drove in town to help support Max and walk with us. A lot of our friends showed up to walk as well as some of Mom and Dad's friends. We've been through a lot this year, it really meant so much to us to have a team of people that we love show up to support Max and our family.

Below is the letter that Tyler sent out to all our friends and family that donated and helped support us this year...


Max, Amy and I want to thank you so much for supporting us this year in our fundraising efforts. Through the generocity of 117 people, Max's team was able to raise $11,656 while the Middle TN team at Regions Bank raised roughly $35,000.

This has been a big year for our family.

#1 We will be welcoming a baby boy to our family in January 2015. There is a higher chance that this baby will have the same heart condition as Max, but thanks to the technology and expertise at Vandy, we monitor baby #2's heart every week and everything is looking great. We're past the point where the heart condition typically shows up so we're all very optimistic that he'll be born without a heart defect.

#2 Max had his second surgery this year to replace his pacemaker and lead that he received at only 7 days old. Although, Amy and I would agree that the surgery was emotionally tolling on both of us (and obviously physically tolling on Max), surgery couldn't have gone better and Max was up and running around again within a week of surgery. We're hopeful this new pacemaker will last 7 to 10 years and we're excited to see what happens with pacemaker technology in the meantime...which is where your donations absolutely play a huge part!

I can't stress how thankful we truly are for your support. Thank you so much for continuing to generously support our family through your giving. We also want to thank you for you're notes of encouragement. They mean so much to us and we actually save each one in a file to show Max once he's old enough to get it. We want him to see (1) the generocity and support he's had over the years from folks that he knows and lots of folks that he doesn't know and (2) we want him to see the impact he has had on folks as well as our community simply by being a heart survivor and the importance of being grateful and giving back as we have been given so much.

Thanks again,
Max, Amy and Tyler

Max and his Pal

Grandmama and Aunt Paula

Dede and Max

Dede and Gail

Our cut out from an AHA event last year

The Alexander's 

Lara and Jane Bug

The Moses family
The sweet Moses family all wore our shirts and came to visit before the walk for a few minutes. Laurel couldn't walk because she was due to deliver her baby in a few weeks, but we really appreciate them making the drive to Nashville just to help support us. 


Max is ready to roll in his decorated wagon

Pam and Susan

Tyler and Jack

...finishing the race

I love this pic of all the kids; it's so sweet!

After the walk, the Alexander's, Grandmama, Aunt Paula, Gail, and Tyler, Max, and I all had lunch together at  Chuy's. Max enjoyed some rainbow sherbet afterward.

These are the lego hearts that we made for Dr. Radbill and Dr. Mettler, Max's physicians. Max put them together and we sent them along with thank you cards as a small token of appreciation. They are so special to our family and will always have a special place in our hearts.