Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getting Ready for Christmas

This Christmas season was so special and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We spent time with a lot of our friends and family and tried to enjoy all the simple things that come with the season. Here are some photos...

Max LOVES those silly little stuffed animals that sing and dance. He also loves sitting in the recliner with Daddy and watching tv.

He also likes to pull the tags and bows off all the Christmas presents.

Playing with the Nativity

One evening I turned "Christmas Vacation" on tv and made Christmas cookies. It was so much fun and helped me get into the holiday spirit.

Nothing like a kid and his candy cane!

He also loves pulling ornaments off the tree and 

Playing in his Santa sack

The first time seeing Santa this year...

...and the last time! He saw Santa 3 times this year and each time was a little more bothersome to him. By the time we got to the third visit, Max was terrified.

Hanging out with Grandpa Tom. He spent a long weekend with us right before Christmas.

Max loves reading new books

His gift from Grandpa Tom

Tearing the paper and opening gifts is really fun for him

Grandpa got him his first trike and he absolutely loves it! He loves riding it around the house and taking it to the park.

He also loved playing in the box it came in. Oh, the simple things in life!

Taking the new trike for a spin

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  1. Happy New Year to you all... Max is getting so big. He just looks like such a fun little boy..