Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall - Our Favorite Time of the Year

Max and I go almost every Saturday morning to the Farmer's Market to shop, listen to music, and get fresh donuts. Max's second love right behind cake is donuts, so he thoroughly enjoys them. 

A Max and Mommy date to Sweet Cece's for blue ice cream. Max had a very difficult transition after his surgery back into his normal routine. The first few weeks of Mother's Day Out were a nightmare and he had severe anxiety while he was there or anywhere other than home, for that matter. So, one day I promised him that I would take him to get ice cream after school if he had a good day and participated in all the activities. He agreed and held me to it. After getting his first good report from his new teacher, he promptly asked me if he could have his ice cream. We celebrated his success with a giant cup of cake batter ice cream with m&m's in it. He insisted on blue ice cream since blue is his favorite color, but they didn't have it. We decided to make our own with blue m&m's and he was very happy with that. He actually ate the whole cup by himself too! I didn't even care because I was so happy that he had a good day at school after a few weeks of pure misery.

One of our favorite Christian music artists, Matthew West, put on a free show in the Kroger parking lot one afternoon. Tyler and the Bailey's met us there for a picnic dinner and great live music. It was awesome and the kids loved it!

Matthew West 

Daddy surprised Max with tickets for all of us to see Disney's Frozen on Ice at the arena downtown. Max was incredibly excited and he loved every minute! We sat in the box and had such a nice evening as a family. The show was really amazing and all three of us enjoyed it. While other kids were jumping, running, singing and full of energy, Max just sat completely still and silent the whole two hours and intently watched the show. When we would try to ask him if he was having fun, he would tell us to be quiet so he could hear and then occasionally look our way and smile. For the whole next week he talked about how much he loved seeing Frozen on Ice. 

The next day, Grandma Nancy, Aunt Paula, Dede and Pop came in town to help support us in the 2014 AHA Heart Walk. It also happened to be Mimi's birthday the week before, so we celebrated by having a bonfire that evening and visiting with family. 

Max absolutely loves playing in Mimi and Pal's yard whether its riding cars, swinging, exploring, riding the tractor, or throwing sticks in the woods with Pal. 

Why are sticks so fascinating to boys?

A birthday photo with Mimi

One of Max's favorite things to do at their house is ride his truck off the driveway, down the hill, and into the woods. He just giggles and giggles the whole way down!

Snuggle time with Grandmama

Max loves his Aunt Paula too! Aunt Paula helped us raise money this year for Max's team and we were so appreciative of that!

When Eric and I were little, Grandma and Grandpa Alexander bought Eric this Case Tractor and trailer. It eventually was given to Dad, and a few weeks ago he cleaned it up for Max and Tressa Kate to play with. It's still in great shape and what a special toy to pass down from a few generations!

The kids love having a fire in the fire pit, so we roasted hotdogs and s'mores. It was a perfect evening for a fire.

Max and TK eating dinner together

I think Max would consider it a sin to celebrate a birthday without cake, so we had cupcakes for Mimi's birthday and sang Happy Birthday to her. 

The next morning we all went to the Heart Walk together and had an amazing time. Later that afternoon, someone Tyler associates with at work invited us to his property for a cookout and party. 

Max loved the big tractor even though we missed riding the hayride. 

He liked taking the ATV down to the pond to see the fish jumping in the water. 

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