Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

A Mother's Day Family Photo

What a wonderful Mother's Day! I was so excited about my first Mother's Day, and it was definitely a good one. I got good morning kisses from my sweet baby and then Tyler gave me my gift from Max. It was a sweet card and it had his hand print and footprint on it (with finger paint). He then gave me his gift of a DVD compilation of photos and videos of Max's first 10 months. What a sweet and thoughtful gift and I love it! Then we went to church and drove to Mimi and Pal's house to hang out for the day and see Uncle Eric. The boys cooked us a wonderful breakfast and then we all just spent time together and playing with Max. The boys wanted to play golf, but it was too rainy outside. Pal and Mimi made  smoked ribs for dinner and they were so tasty! What a great Mother's Day!

Mimi, Mommy and Max; 3 generations 

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