Monday, August 20, 2012

13 Months Old

No more monthly onesies. Max is now 13 months old.
He has been very busy this month learning to cruise, trying new foods, and practicing walking and new words. He's changing so rapidly right now and I can tell he's on the verge of making a lot of changes to his routine. He's not walking yet, but he cruises all around furniture and will occasionally walk behind toys (mostly only if he sees his friend, Walker, do it). Last week, Walker came over to play and walked behind a push toy. Max watched him and then immediately popped right up and walked behind the same toy all the way across the room. Just like that, like it was nothing. He had never done that before, and it was amazing to watch. Only mothers know what I'm talking about. If you don't have children, then you probably think I'm plain crazy that we celebrate all the little things. Oh well, they're exciting to us.

This month he learned to climb the stairs and it's now one of his favorite games. Uncle Eric taught him how to do the "indian call" and also how to give "high fives." Now he does both of them all the time. He also loves to play "chase" and "peek-a-boo."

He no longer likes his baby food and refuses to eat it. Instead, he wants to eat whatever you are eating and he wants to feed himself. He gets frustrated if you try to feed him. His favorites right now are turkey sandwiches, pot roast, cheerios, and strawberry/banana bread. His taste is changing and things he used to love, he no longer wants. 

He is also close to speaking some words. He clearly says Mama and Dada when he wants us, but he doesn't clearly say any other words yet. I can tell he understands so much of what we say, but just can't verbalize it yet. Instead, he babbles all day long, just like he's carrying on a conversation with me. 

A few weeks ago, Tyler and I went on vacation to Tampa with my family. We have not been on vacation together in about 3 years, so we were very excited to go. We had a great time and we're so thankful that Tyler's parents were able to come watch Max so we could have a vacation for ourselves. Dede and Pop are so good to Max and they had a lot of fun together. They don't get to see Max as often as my parents do since they live in Memphis, so this was a treat for them to be able to spend so much one on one time with him. I don't think Max even missed us while we were gone because he had so much fun. 

 This is Max's favorite toy to play with at Walker's house. He loves to open and close the door and crawl through.

Max and Tripp playing together in the pool at Walker's super fun first birthday party

He's getting more hair and also starting to look more like his daddy

Playing in my rocking chair from when I was a baby

Another favorite toy right now, "Jack in the Box." It's like a new surprise every time and then he likes to stuff the monkey back in the box.

He also has discovered a love for trucks.

Pal made him a fort of pillows. He crawled inside to play with his truck.

Playing the piano with Mimi

He also really loves to play the piano with Mimi.

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