Monday, October 29, 2012

Family Fun at Gentry Farm

We took Max to the pumpkin patch at Gentry Farm last weekend for a little fun family outing. He was in sort of a serious mood, but we had fun taking photos of him and walking around the grounds. There is so much to do including picking pumpkins, going on a hayride, visiting the animals, walking through the corn mazes, and playing on the John Deer toy tractors.

The Bailey family joined us and the boys had fun playing with pumpkins and seeing new things

There's nothing like seeing a boy on his tractor!

Walker graciously gave Max a goldfish at dinner and then they both cracked up laughing

The following photos are showing what a difference a year makes...

Max was only about 3 months old last year when we visited Gentry Farms.

Sleeping in the pumpkins...

...and now they play in the pumpkins

our "little pumpkins"... they are big boy toddlers

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  1. Wonderful pictures... Can't believe how big he's getting..