Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Faces of Heart Event at the Nashville Zoo

A few weeks ago the American Heart Association hosted an event at the Nashville Zoo for survivors of heart issues. That's right up our alley and we had so much fun last year, so of course we went. Uncle Eric joined us and the four of us had a great time seeing the animals and enjoying all the festivities. It's so nice for the AHA to do such a neat event for heart survivors like Max. It's just a casual evening where kids can bring their family and have fun seeing the animals, jumping in the bounce house, do a little face painting, play corn hole, and visit with other families of heart survivors. 

It just melts your heart to see all those little kids running around and enjoying life. I can't help to think how different all of our situations would be if people did not continue to donate money to organizations like the AHA. That money funds research and goes toward many other things that help people like Max. Lets not forget that he has the smallest pacemaker in the world! I'm sure it took a lot of research dollars to get it approved. Anyway, the AHA certainly has a special place in our hearts and we really enjoyed our evening with them. Here are a few photos...

Petting the goats 

The elephants were Max's favorite, by far, and he is still talking about them everyday since we saw them

He also liked the giraffes

I think he is impersonating a gorilla, here. Or maybe a frog...not quite sure.

Enjoying a little rainbow sherbet with Daddy

Playing cornhole with the other kids

...and with Uncle E

Playing hide and seek. It's one of his favorite games right now ever since Pal taught him how to play

Just being silly with Uncle E

All the kids had their faces painted and I thought Max might really enjoy it if he got it done. I didn't want him to be scared though, so I decided to go first. I got a beautiful butterfly on my face. Once Max saw it, he decided he wanted an elephant on his arm. Once it was done, he was so incredibly proud of it and he is still talking about the elephant on his arm. 

He held his arm completely still the whole way home so he wouldn't mess up the paint. So cute!

Mommy's butterfly and Max's elephant

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