Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mother's Day Out, here we come!

Max's first day of preschool was August 20 and it was a very big day for both of us. While I was very excited about him going to school so he could meet new friends and learn new things, I also was extremely nervous about it. I'm used to having him with me all day everyday, and it seemed so odd to drop him off somewhere and let someone else take care of him all day while I do whatever I need to do. (I do recognize how crazy this sounds since I know everyone does it, but it was still difficult for me).  He goes every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2 at the church we go to in Franklin. There are 5 other kids in his class, including his best friend, Walker,  and his teacher's name is Ms. Tammy. 

The week before school started, we went to "orientation" and met his teacher and the other kids and parents. Max had been going through a stage where he absolutely hated going to church/nursery and screamed and cried the whole time. Every Sunday morning for about 3 months we would drop him off in the nursery and the teacher would call us after 15 minutes to come get him because he wouldn't calm down. So, needless to say, I was very worried about how he was going to make it through 5 hours at church if he can't make it through one Sunday service. So, once we entered his classroom for orientation, he immediately started screaming and crying and never calmed down. We had to leave the classroom because no one else could hear what Ms. Tammy was saying. It was a total disaster and it made me even more anxious about his first day of school. 

Well, the morning of his first day of school came, and I was extra prepared. I went over my checklist of items to bring at least 6 or 7 times to make sure he had everything he needed, and I even wrote him a sweet note in his lunchbox. We got up extra early to make sure we weren't late too. Then, we packed up the car and started to head out with plenty of time, only to find that my car battery was dead and Tyler was already at work. Oh No!!! I thought God must have been laughing at me and wanted to show me that He's in control of everything and not me, since I was so nervous and over prepared for our morning. Anyway, I called Allison, and she and Walker came and picked us up. We were late for our first day, but it probably worked out for the best so the boys could both walk in together. 

Max did scream and cry when I dropped him off and kept yelling "Mommy, Mommy" with tears streaming down his face as I turned and walked away. I very nearly started to cry myself, but I pulled it together and told myself that I was teaching him something important and valuable. Ms. Tammy said she would call me if he didn't calm down after 30 minutes. I was very sure that I would be getting a phone call, but it never happened. I showed up a few minutes early to get him and he immediately started crying when he saw me. Ms. Tammy said he did cry for about 15 minutes, and then just stopped and began playing. He ate a good lunch, but did not nap. I told her that I was pretty sure he would never nap at school because he is very particular about his sleeping habits.

Well now, almost 2 months later, Max absolutely loves school and can't wait to go there every week. He walks straight in the classroom and doesn't even say bye to me. He loves playing with all his new friends and even takes about an hour nap everyday. All this with no crying, too. I can't believe it! What a blessing!

Wearing his backpack on his first day of school

He looks so big in this picture

Max was showing me his poster of all his favorite things. His teacher, Ms. Tammy, asked us to make a poster so she knows his favorites, likes and dislikes.

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