Thursday, July 24, 2014

Family Vacation to Florida

In May, we took a family vacation to Santa Rosa Beach in Florida. Our good friends, the Bailey's came with us and the two families split a condo on the beach. Their son, Walker, is Max's best friend so we knew they would have a good time, but the trip was even better than any of us could have imagined. We were there for a full week and the boys absolutely loved the beach, the ocean, and hanging out together for a full week. Their schedules are very flexible and easy right now, so it worked out perfectly for everyone. Josh and Tyler went golfing two days, and the other days we had family days at the beach. What an amazing trip; I'm so glad we decided to do it!

Max's first time walking into the water this year. We were nervous that he wouldn't enjoy the beach since that was the case last year, but he LOVED the ocean and the sand. 

Just taking it all in!

On our first night we went to Seaside, ate at Bud and Alley's, got ice cream, and let the kids run around for a while. I always enjoy going to Seaside; it's such a fun little town!

Max and Walker had the best time running up and down the beach. They tried to get as close as they could to the waves without letting the waves touch them. It was a fun game they played everyday.

Digging in the sand was a favorite for both boys too.

Is this a cute picture or what?! I will cherish it forever.

Max and I loved taking walks together down the beach. He liked to check out what everyone else on the beach was doing. He also liked to run and chase after the birds. 

Allison and I had so much fun just watching the boys play in the sand and water. This is such a fun age!

Max really loved when Daddy took him into the ocean to try to catch fish or crabs. Even though they didn't have much luck, it was always fun.

We hired a babysitter to watch the boys on two different nights so the adults could go out to dinner. It worked out perfectly because the boys were ready to go to bed early so we put tucked them in and all the babysitter had to do was hang out while we were gone. The boys never even knew we left and the four of us had some nice dinners.

We surprised them with donuts the next morning and they were so happy!

Another day in paradise

Best buddies, for sure! I honestly don't think they could have had more fun together. 

Date night: Tyler and I always eat at Cafe Tango when we are in Destin. The food is some of the best we've ever had, it's always consistently amazing, and the atmosphere is romantic and unique. Dinner was delicious, as usual, and we really enjoyed our date night. Thanks to Allison and Josh for staying home with the boys so we could enjoy our night together.

We built a pretty good sand castle as a family.

We got a little pool time in too, but we all preferred to be at the beach instead.

One night after dinner we took the kids to Baytowne Wharf. Max fell in love with the carousel and rode it three times. He couldn't get enough of it and cried and cried when we left.

Things seem so magical when you're a child.

We took the next several family photos on our last morning on the beach. 

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