Thursday, July 31, 2014

Uncle Eric Marries Chelsea

Eric married Tressa Chelsea Williams on July 12, 2014. He also gained a daughter that day, Tressa Kate. They got married at Historic Rock Castle in Hendersonville and the reception followed overlooking the lake.

Max was the ring bearer and Tressa Kate was the flower girl

The wedding party

What a handsome little guy! It was 95 degrees outside that day and I thought there was no way Max would leave on his 3 piece suit, but he did. He was proud of it and liked looking like the big guys (groomsmen). Just in case, I was armed with lots of candy, and every time he took a good picture he got a gummy worm. He couldn't have done any better taking pictures or being a ring bearer. We were so proud of him!

Check out Tressa Kate's custom made dress. It even has Chelsea and Eric's initials monogrammed on the train.

There's no way they could be any cuter!

Family Photos

The Ceremony:

It was all business getting down that aisle. Tressa Kate was very excited about it, but Max just knew he had a job to do. He did it very well!

They made it down the aisle. I didn't think Max would want to stand up there with the wedding party for the whole ceremony, but he did and was quiet too. I couldn't have been more proud of my handsome little guy!

Here comes the Bride!

I think he was trying to figure out what was in that box.

Just beautiful!

Saying their vows

You may kiss the Bride
Announcement as Mr. and Mrs. Eric Alexander

I know Max was thinking, "Now do I get cake?"

Family Tree

Taking a rest

Dinner with the Bride and Groom

Max surprised me again when he wanted to do nothing but dance all night with the kids.

I wanted to dance with him so bad, but he kept telling me, "No, Mommy, you sit down!"

He really loved dancing with Mom and Dad's neighbor, Caymen, too.

First Dance

Mother Son Dance

Cutting the Cake

Eating cake with Pal

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