Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Fun Fall!

We've had a very busy 3 weeks since my last post. We've had a birth, a 30th birthday, and lots of Fall fun! Here's a summary of what's been going on lately...

On October 18th, Thomas Michael Hunter III was born. We call him Tripp, and he's such a cutie! His parents are Thomas and Jessica Hunter and they are very special friends to us. We've been waiting for Tripp to make his debut so he and Max can be great friends.
One of Tripp's first photos
Max was so excited to meet his buddy, Tripp, at the hospital
Tyler and Tripp right after Tripp was born. Tyler, Max, and I came to the hospital while Jess was in labor so we could be there to celebrate when Tripp was born. We were so excited for him to arrive!

Then Max and I had some fun in the leaves. Fall is my favorite time of year and I wanted to take some sweet photos of Max outside...
Fun Fall Photos

For my 30th birthday, Mom came over and spent the day with Max and me. Then Dad and Tyler joined us for dinner. We got carry out Greek food from my favorite place, opened gifts, ate hot fudge ice cream sundaes, and just spent some quality time together. It was a perfect 30th birthday!

The following Saturday, Allison, Walker, Max, and I went to Gentry Farms to enjoy more Fall fun and take photos of the boys. It was so much fun!
Max in the pumpkin patch
Amy, Max, Allison, and Walker having fun at Gentry Farms
Look at those cute little punkin' heads! Max and Walker are going to be great friends when they get older
I love hanging out with this sweet boy!

Saturday evening, we had our friends and all the babies over to help celebrate my 30th birthday. It was great to be able to visit with everyone and spend a few hours just hanging out.
Tyler and Max at Amy's 30th birthday party
I wanted a hot fudge sundae instead of a birthday cake for my 30th birthday

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