Friday, October 14, 2011

Max's First Day of School

Thursday, October 13th was a very big day for the little man. It was Max's first day of school and my first day back to work, and I am happy to say that both went very well. I've been mentally preparing myself for this day for about 6 weeks, so when it came down to it, I was just ready to get on with it. I woke up extra early to make sure everything was ready for his day and to spend a little time with him. I actually woke him up for a change! I have to be at work early, so Tyler dropped Max off at school. That's probably a good thing, because I'm not sure I could drop him off and walk away.

I wasn't nervous about going back to work, but I was very nervous about how Max would do on his first day. He is very particular about a lot of things, and I was afraid he wouldn't cope well. Max did great! I waited to call Ms. Bridget, his teacher, until lunch time so I didn't sound like a crazy parent. She assured me I can call and or visit anytime I would like and as often as I would like. That is so reassuring to me!

Everyday, Ms. Bridget will fill out a daily sheet that details how Max's day was. It is very specific and includes meal times, nap times, diaper changes, his activities for the day, and anything else she thinks we might want to know about the day. I love that sheet because it lets me know everything that happened during his day. Here is part of Ms. Bridget's note...

"Max had a great first day! He is so sweet, and I got him to smile! He's a very curious boy and loves to be cuddled. He did well around others and enjoyed laying on the play mat in the big room. He listened to all the sounds and music. We introduced him to a lot of new and exciting things today!"

What a nice note and a great first day! My day at work was a good one also. Everyone was so sweet to ask about Max and how he is doing. It felt good to get out of the house too and everyone said they were glad I am back. I'm very thankful that work has been flexible and is allowing me to only work 2 days a week instead of three.

Tyler picked Max up early (at 3:30) so he wouldn't have to be there all day on his first day. I was so thankful for that! He must have been exhausted because he took a 4 hour nap that afternoon, then ate, and went to bed for the night. Overall, it was a good day for us both!

Rise and shine sleepy head! Today is a big, important day!
"Ok, ok, I'll wake up."
Stretch it out!
"You want me to do what today and go where? I don't think so!"
Mommy and Max on his first day of school
"I'm going to miss my Mommy so much today, but I'm going to have fun too!"
"What a day; I'm pooped!"


  1. You and Max are so cute! Not sure if you remember me but both of our babies were born on July 5. I am so thrilled to know that Max is doing so well. You will love working part-time - that's the best of both worlds. It sounds like Max has an ideal situation and you know they will love that sweet face.

  2. Hi, came across your blog awhile ago and so glad to see Max doing so well! My son just turned 3 months old on Sunday! I love the owl stuff. We are owl fans here too but it is hard to find a lot of boyish stuff. He is such a cutie!

  3. These pictures are so adorable! I miss that little man!