Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Rough Week

Poor Max had a really rough week last week, but he's feeling much better now. He got Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease, RSV, and a double ear infection all at the same time! He was absolutely pitiful! I thought at one point we were going to have to go to the hospital because he was so sick, but then his fever of 104 degrees broke and he started to turn the corner. It's taken a week and a half to recover, but he's finally feeling pretty good now. Thank goodness Dede came in town to help us. She had to work in Franklin, so she stayed an extra few days to help us take care of Max. Mimi and Pal also helped out and let him stay at their house for a few days since he couldn't go back to school yet. Thank goodness for all Max's grandparents!! They are lifesavers!!


  1. Poor little guy! Our little boy has hand foot and mouth disease right now. No fun!

  2. Wow can't believe that .. Poor little guy and it wasn't a picnic for you either.. Glad he is feeling better..

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