Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween! Whoooooo did you celebrate with?

Happy Halloween!! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I was so excited this year to celebrate! Having Max and all our friends' kids around makes all the holidays so much more fun. I love the tradition in every holiday, so I get really excited to make each holiday special, including Halloween.  This year, Max dressed up as an owl for Halloween. He looked super cute and he loved wearing his costume. The Wadlington's invited all of us over for a Halloween party. We ate chili, played with the kids, and just had fun. 

Proud mamas and their babies!

Lilly, the lamb; Tripp, the turtle; Jane, the elephant; Max, the owl; Ellen, a junior strawberry fairy; Morgan, the senior strawberry fairy.

Then, on actual Halloween, we went over to the Bailey's house to celebrate. We ordered Mexican for dinner, made pumpkin Rice Crispie treats, and had fun with the boys. They loved dressing up in their costumes and kept them on all night! Max was happy as could be as long as I let him hold his Rice Crispie treat. I think he held it for an hour and a half and took a bite every now and then.

Walker dressed up as a dog

What a sweet photo of best friends playing together

Then, we took the boys riding around the neighborhood on the Bailey's golf cart. They absolutely loved it and then we stopped at the Hunter's house to visit. Tripp was already in bed, but we stopped in for a quick visit and let the boys play with Tripp's new toys he got for his birthday a few weeks ago. Max loved Tripp's rocking chair. Maybe Santa will bring Max one for Christmas.

What a special Halloween and we had so much good family fun!

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  1. So adorable! His halloween costume was precious. Heck, they all were so cute!!