Monday, August 22, 2011

First Overnight Visit with Mimi and Pal

Mimi and Pal offered for Max to spend the night at their house Friday night and let Tyler and I go on a date. While I really wanted to go on a date, I couldn't imagine spending the whole night without Max. I was very hesitant to agree to it, but I thought it might be good for us all, and it was.

Tyler and I went on a date to a really nice sushi restaurant and it was delicious! We thought about going to a trendy bar afterward, but we were both so tired that we decided to go home instead. We ended up watching episodes of Entourage and falling asleep in our lazy boy chairs. Sounds like a dud of a date, but we were both really happy and it's exactly what we wanted to do!

Mimi and Pal had a ball with Max and this gave them the opportunity to spend more than a few hours at a time with him. They said they thoroughly enjoyed their time with him and want to do it again. Sounds good to me!

To round out the weekend, on Saturday, Grand mama, (Pal's mom), drove from Indiana to Pal and Mimi's house to stay for the weekend. She met Max and was instantly in love. This is her 4th great grandchild and she spent a lot of time rocking him and just loving on Max. We had a great visit with her and hope to see her again soon.

Spending some quality time with Mimi. Max's favorite thing is to swing on the porch swing. He loves it and will instantly stop crying when you start swinging!
Meeting Grand mama for the first time
Hanging out with Uncle Eric
What a little cutie!

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  1. How nice to have family around you.. And Max has a Great Mama (and a yeah for her being from Ind.. I'm a hoosier too, Valparaiso) Can Max get any cuter??