Saturday, August 13, 2011

Max got a Turbo Boost this week

We went to see the electrophysiologist, Dr. Radbill, this week. He gave Max a thorough assessment and then increased his heart rate from 90 to 110. He said Max seems to be doing great and is very pleased with how the incision is healing, and how the pacemaker is functioning, and also how well Max is growing. We weighed him and he now weighs 7lbs and 5 oz. He has gained almost 2 lbs in the last 5 weeks :) We don't have to go back to see Dr. Radbill for 2 months. When we go back, he will increase Max's pacemaker to 120. That's the goal for now; they won't continue to increase it after that.

Here are a few photos from last week...

Snuggling and visiting with Pal
Sleepy Daddy, not so sleepy Max
He does love to eat!
Lilly and Walker hanging out with Max while we celebrate Tyler's 28th birthday

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