Monday, August 29, 2011

Scrub a Dub Dub!

One of my very favorite things to do with Max is to give him a bath. I look forward to it every time because we both enjoy it so much. Max loves the warm water and when I massage his back and head. He looks like he just melts and totally relaxes. Then he gets a lotion massage. There's nothing better than the smell of a baby and I don't think anyone would argue with that! After his bath, I put his jammies on, swaddle him tight, and we cuddle until he warms up. To me, this is one of the joys of motherhood.

Here are a few photos...

Bath time at Mimi and Pal's house. His back massage is his favorite part

Oh, it feels so good!
Peek a boo, I see you :)
Scrub a Dub Dub!
After his bath, I wrap him in his lambie bath towel. How cute is he?!


  1. He is just perfect.. I love those hoodie towels. I found some at a yard sale that had barely been used for 10 cents a piece.. i bought them all.. Then gave them to the newest member in the family..