Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meeting My Cousins

It's been a while since our last posting, not because there's been nothing to write about, but because we've had so much going on. Here's an update...

We took our first road trip with Max September 15th-18th. We went to Memphis for Tyler's 10 year high school reunion and also to introduce Max to Tyler's family. Max did great in the car, and slept almost the whole way. We had a great weekend and were able to introduce Max to his aunts (Aunt Stacy, Aunt Fel, and Aunt Brooke). He also met his Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Jeremy. Max also met his cousins (Lily, Andy, Everett, and Emery) and had a lot of fun playing with them. Emery absolutely loved Max and didn't want to take her eyes off of him even for a second. She helped take care of him all day, just loving on him, holding him, and giving him his paci. To her delight, Max went home with Aunt Brooke and Uncle Jeremy for the evening so Amy and Tyler could go to Tyler's reunion. She was such a good baby sitter! What a nice weekend!

Lily and Max
Andy and Max
Aunt Stacy
Emery and Brooke with Max
What a good babysitter!
How cute is this? All the kids loving on Max. We showed them his pacemaker and scar, and they thought it was cool

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  1. it was such fun to see you all and love on MAX. we are so happy to have him and loved keeping him. wish it could happen more often! enjoy those sweet moments. love you guys