Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Road Trip for Cousin Grayson's Birthday Party

Mimi and I drove to Evansville, IN for the day to go to cousin Grayson's first birthday party. What a blast! Jamie and Daric had about 50 friends and family to their house to celebrate Grayson's big day. Jamie spared no detail and everything was perfect! It was an amazing birthday party and Grayson had so much fun. We enjoyed spending time with family and helping Grayson celebrate. Max loved sitting outside in their backyard; it was a great day and we are so glad we made the trip. Jamie told me how quickly 1 year flies by and I believe it. I know before I know it, we will be planning Max's first birthday party. That makes me so happy and sad at the same time!

Amy and Max and Mandy and Grayson
Mimi loves to hold Max
Uncle Keith is so good with babies; Max was so comfortable snuggling with him
What a display!
Grayson loved his turtle from his parents
Jamie, Daric, and Grayson
Happy Baby!
Get in there, Grayson!
Oh yeah! That's good!


  1. What a nice party...Yes the year goes by quickly.. I hated when people would say enjoy it because they grow up so fast.. I did enjoy it and it does go by fast.. Hug him alittle extra.. That's all you can do,,,

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