Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3 Months Old

Today was a special day! Not only did we meet Max's teacher at his school today, but he is also 3 months old today. Tyler and I enjoy him more and more everyday. He's really getting a little personality of his own and it's so fun to see what new thing he will do next.

This morning Tyler and I met Miss Bridget, Max's teacher at his school. We toured the school and got a mini orientation of what each day will be like. We also saw his classroom that he will be sharing with three other baby girls - what a lucky boy! We loved Miss Bridget and think she will be a great teacher for Max. She seems really sweet and I can tell she loves babies. She said some of the things they will be learning in class are baby yoga, baby sign language and lots of sensory training. We are very excited Max will be going to such a great school. We feel very comfortable with the staff and have friends whose kids go there too and love it. It seems like a really great place and I'm excited to see what Max learns. I definitely have a lot of anxiety about going back to work, but I know it will be a good thing for me and Max. It will help me get out of the house, and Max will learn things at school that I wouldn't know to teach him. It's just very difficult to give up that control and let someone else take care of your child. That seems very weird. Like I said though, we know it will be a great place for Max to learn and grow and I will enjoy him every other day of the week.

3 months old and such a happy baby!
Max loves to sit in his Bumbo chair
Southgate Children's Academy
This is where Max will go to school
Brigit, Max's teacher
Max's crib
The classroom Max will share with 3 other babies - all girls and Max!

Pop and Max
We took a quick trip to Memphis this week to visit family and buy my wedding rings (for the second time).
Dede, Amy, and Max
Max loves to swing! It's one of his very favorite things

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