Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Play Date at the Park

We had a play date at the park this week with Max's friends Lily, Walker, and Jack. It was a beautiful day and we all hung out for a few hours under a big shade tree. It was so nice to visit with other new moms and pick up tips and advice. We laid the babies on blankets and let them kick and coo. I think it was very relaxing for us all!

"look at me!"
"I'm so funny!"
"This is my dramatic face"
"Strike a pose!"
Our great friends, Allison and Walker. Walker and Max were due 1 day apart and are going to be great buddies.
Meg and sweet Lily. Meg is another great friend and Lily is 2 weeks older than Max. We hope Lily will be Max's first girlfriend ;)
How much fun is this? I could have watched them lay here all day!

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