Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pre-op: Getting Ready for the Big Surgery

A week before surgery we had a pre-op visit at Vandy. In order to get ready for surgery, the staff needed to check his pacemaker, draw some blood, do an EKG, x-ray, and get an echocardiogram. We also spoke with Dr. Mettler, Max's cardiac surgeon as well as Dr. Radbill, his electrophysiologist. Both of these doctors did his first surgery 3 years ago, so we were thrilled for them to be able to do it again. We also spoke with the Child Life Specialist who helped Max better understand what would happen on the day of surgery. It was a big day, but it was what we needed in order to get ready for surgery. Now we are ready to get this thing done!

The pacemaker nurse was adjusting his pacemaker a little more. He knows the drill and can hold the magnet in place all by himself now.

A proud little independent boy!

He was so good during his echocardiogram that they were able to get some great pictures of his heart that they needed before surgery.

Getting a chest x-ray. He didn't think this was too much fun.

And he really didn't like having his blood drawn. 

Then, we met the Child Life Specialist. She was great and helped Max understand what would happen on the day of surgery. She let him play with all her toy medical equipment and explained how the staff would use it on him for surgery. He thought this was fun and it was very helpful.

He really liked listening to the baby's heart with the stethoscope and putting the breathing mask on the baby too.

Dr. Radbill listened to his heart and prepped us for exactly what he would do during surgery.

You can't go to Vandy without visiting the awesome trains and town. Max likes to push the buttons to make the train go fast.

After today we felt very prepared for surgery and ready to get on with it.

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