Thursday, August 7, 2014

Visit with Dede and Pop in Memphis

We hadn't been to Memphis to see Dede and Pop in quite a while, so we decided to take a long weekend and go visit. It was so much fun and I don't think any of us were ready to come home when it was time. We got to visit Aunt Hannah, Aunt Sara, Uncle Ben, Amelia, Cate, and Benjamin. We also did all kinds of fun things like ride on "Big Country," swim, feed the fish, go to the zoo, get ice cream, and play with all new toys.

The first thing Max wanted to do when we got to Memphis is to ride on "Big Country" with Pop.

He also loved playing Dede's piano. 

Dede and Pop have lots of fun places to climb and explore, so Max loved being outside.

He still loves to play "peek-a-boo."

On Saturday, Pop took us to the Memphis zoo. It was awesome and we saw all kinds of amazing animals.

We even got to feed the birds.

My favorite exhibit was the giraffes because you can feed them. His long tongue kept licking Max, so he was a little unsure of how he felt about the experience. Where else would you get a chance to get that close to a giraffe though? 

Max's favorite exhibit was seeing the elephants.

A boy and his Pop.

Max also loved walking through the petting zoo so he could pet the donkeys, sheep, cows, and goats. What a great zoo for kids!

Tyler also loved taking his little buddy on rides on "Big Country."

Saturday afternoon we went down to the pond to feed the fish. Max thought that was a lot of fun too and there were a ton of fish in the water. 

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