Friday, June 17, 2011

Amy's shower from the leadership team at work

Last week the leadership team at work helped us celebrate Max by throwing us a shower at Joann's house. Joann is our hospital's COO and she graciously offered for us to come to her house for a lovely evening, after work. I work very closely with all of these women and can't imagine a better group to work with. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging to me and I appreciate that more than they know. They have also been very patient with me and flexible with my schedule since I have a lot of doctor's appointments.

We had a very nice evening together. The food was amazing and Max and I both got some really great gifts. Thank you for making us feel so special. Here are some photos...

What a cute and yummy cake!
I LOVE these lego sweet tarts!
The food was awesome!
We ate on Joann's covered patio. It was so relaxing and beautiful! I could have set out there all night.
Joann and her granddaughter, Layla
Jenny, Kasey, Trisha, and Jennifer
Diana, hanging out with Jack, Joann's dog
perfect for Nashville!
Mom needs to be pampered too, right!

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