Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No Go on the Baby-O

Well, we've had quite an interesting morning, but to sum it up, we are not having a baby today. When we left the house this morning, our bags were packed and we were prepared for Max to be born today. But that didn't happen. We thought we would have a quick appointment with Dr. Bennett this morning to check my amniotic fluid levels and either we would go home or go to labor and delivery, but the visit took an interesting turn. Dr. Bennett said if my fluid levels drop below 5, they will deliver me. They were 5 on Monday, but have drastically improved to 9.5 today! That's great news so we are counting that as a blessing although it will continue to be monitored closely.

While the ultrasound tech was doing her scan, she said she thought there was an interesting change in the heart rate and rhythm. She thought that his atria and ventricles were both beating normally now (and in sync) but both at half speed. This would definitely be a significant change and they did not know what it meant, good or bad. So, Dr. Bennett called our cardiologist and asked her to see us today. In the meantime, Tyler and I went to breakfast and tried to figure out what the heck that could mean. (Is this a new problem we didn't know about; is this an emergency situation; is Max's heart better?). We had no idea.

Then we saw the cardiologist, and all in all, she said she feels sure things are exactly as they have been and there has been n0 change. She can't explain it, but thinks perhaps the initial scan was inaccurate, after all. So, we are now home and are still planning on a July 5th birthday.

What a crazy morning filled with lots of emotion and questions! Tyler said, after the roller coaster today, he thinks we are both going to need pacemakers and wonders if they offer package deals!

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  1. Thinking of you. Our little boy is expected on July 5th too.