Monday, June 20, 2011

Here We Go....Maybe

Ok everyone, Max apparently didn't like the birthday we set for him and is looking for an early escape. We went back for our BPP this morning. Max's heart rate was still holding strong between 65 and 75 beats per minute and he continues to grow....they estimate he's around 4.5 lbs now. Everything looked really good other than Amy's amniotic fluid levels. They have been trending down but now they are pretty low. Amy's OB put her on bed rest today but the high risk OB wants us to come in early Wednesday morning to re-check her levels. If they don't improve, then we're having a kid! They will send us directly to Labor and Delivery and do the c-section. It's a bit earlier than expected but it's right in line with the original goal of 36 weeks. So, we're assuming Amy will deliver on Wednesday and getting everything in order. Amy is completely different than me in that she is essentially prepared already...bags are packed, clothes are washed...all we need is the actual baby. I think Max is a lot like me. Not a big fan of plans, hence the potentially early arrival. That's all we know for now. Next time we update, it could be to announce Max's arrival....scary. Please continue to pray for us and the doctors who will be delivering and caring for Max. Thanks so much.

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  1. Amy ..I am praying hard for you all. We haved prayed for baby Max in our home group..I will send out prayer request for you for Wednesday..also for you and Tyler..we pray for miracles and wonders of Gods healing for Max
    Lisa Gilliam