Friday, July 15, 2011

First Day at Home - Thursday, July 14th

Thursday, July 14th
I could not have asked for a better first night at home. Max slept in our room and I nursed him every 3 hours. Mom helped with every feeding by giving him a "top off" of milk after I nursed him. Even though I was up every few hours, I really enjoy spending time with Max and nursing him, so I didn't mind being up all night.

Then we had our first doctor's appointment with Max's pediatrician. It went very well and Max weighed in at 5 lbs and 14 oz. Dr Dykstra said he is doing great and had no concerns about him. We really like her. We also decided to have Max circumcised and Dr Dykstra will do that next weekend. That should be interested. I have a feeling it will be harder on Tyler than it will on Max, but we will see!

When we got home, Meg and Lilly, Lisa and Jack, and Laurel came to visit. Laurel brought lunch and dinner and we were so thankful! It was delicious. It was great to visit with all those girls and I really enjoyed it! Brent, an elder from our church also visited and prayed for Max's health and for Tyler and me. We really appreciated that. My aunt, Paula, my cousin, Ally and my brother, Eric, also visited that evening. I love introducing Max to all our friends and family.

Max's first visit to the pediatrician, Dr. Dykstra

Sweet Laurel brought us lunch and dinner and also cuddled Max
Laurel, Lisa and Jack, and Meg and Lilly
Mom tries to cuddle both babies, Annie and Max
Brent, an elder at our church, came over to pray for Max, Tyler, and me
Aunt Paula and Ally came for a visit


  1. I love those pictures! So glad he is doing so well!

  2. Fantastic homecoming!!! Praise God for answering every prayer so graciously!!! We are all just thrilled for you all, and thanks for the posts, I check for a new one frequently!!! Your "family" just got extended over this last week's events by more than you would believe. We all claim this baby!! VBG!!! My mother's ladies' church group in southern GA has been praying for ya'll, and hanging on every update, betcha didn't know he had a cheering section all the way down there, as well as New York state!!! Marcia lives up there and she made the owl burps. My daughter Grace lives in Birmingham, AL, and she has been getting regular updates and praying. So this is a national event for your precious, sweet family!!! So Hugs, fireworks, and yeah he's home healthy and thriving!!! We are all celebrating and breathing a huge sigh of relief!!!!What a miracle to watch unfolding!!! We love you all, Jerry, Susan Davis and family

  3. Love the blog and seeing all the pictures (esp. that gangsta paci pic!!). Thanks for keeping us updated. Your faith and journey so far are very inspiring. Keeping you in my prayers! Can't wait to meet Max!

  4. So happy for you all! I will continue to pray for you all and that sweet baby! (We go to Dr. Dykstra too and absolutely love her!!)
    ~Wendy Davis

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