Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Perspective....and photos

So, I've been a parent now for 7 days. And I don't pretend to have any clue about what I'm doing....I've only actually changed one dirty diaper (In my defense, it was a really nasty diaper though). But, I can tell you that Amy and I are absolutely crazy about this kid....our kid. And it broke our hearts to see this little guy come back from surgery. Don't get me wrong, we are extremely thankful that Max had the surgery, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing his heart will be beating appropriately is priceless. But seeing the incision on his chest made it real. And seeing him loopy-eyed from the pain medicine and to see him struggling to let out a cry was tough. But what an inspiration this 5 pound, 10 ounce baby who can't speak a word has been to us. This kid has gone through so much already. He had to fight to even make it here. And once he was here, he had to deal with a heart beating at half speed, but he figured it out. And then, on his one week birthday, he had a 1.5 inch incision cut in his tiny chest and a pacemaker put in. What a week....let alone his first week ever. I promise it gets better buddy.

Amy and I were excited to become parents and never thought we would have the opportunity to say that we are already proud of our kid at the mere age of 7 days....but we are very, very proud of Max. And we have become those annoying parents that take a million pictures a day and try to capture every tiny moment. Those same parents that go nuts if he opens his eyes and starts looking around or if he yawns or maybe looks like he's cracking a smile (although it's usually just gas). I used to wonder why people loved babies so much. They eat, cry, and poop all day long....and you're the one having to constantly feed, comfort and clean up after them. Oh, and while you're at it, you never sleep again. But then Amy got pregnant and slowly my cynicism began chipping away. And now Max is here, and we couldn't purely love anything on earth as much as we love him. So when we saw Max after surgery today, it didn't matter if I've been a parent for 7 minutes, 7 days or 7 decades, I knew what it meant to never want your child to suffer. And although I'm not sure I believe the "this is going to hurt you more than it hurt me" line right before you get whacked with a paddle....I think I can now somehow relate with a parents wish to never want to see your child in pain (until he's a teenager and he hates you). So, I think it's safe to say that our first week of official parenthood has been a roller coaster ride....but a really great, exciting one....that will hopefully settle down just a little bit.

Amy cuddling Max before surgery.

Family photo with Max right before he went back to surgery.

Friends and family waiting for Max during surgery, then waiting to see him afterwards.

Hunter brought us dinner tonight...we let him keep those two pieces since he had his hands all over them.

This is the same type of pacemaker put in Max.

Max post surgery...the pacemaker is the small bulge lodged in his left side below his incision...right above the diaper. The incision is about an inch and a half long....chicks dig scars.


  1. Tyler - thanks for the updates. I love the daddy perspective on all this. Lots of love and prayers coming from Atlanta. Give Max and Amy my love!


  2. Wow, Im in tears. You all have been through so much these last couple of months. I am in AWE of how you all are handling everything that comes your way. Says alot about the two of you & your love for each other & your new baby!! Your going to be such great parents!! Hugs and continued prayers your way!!! ~Paige

  3. Tyler - awesome post! So happy for ya'll and praising God for the miracles you have already witnessed so far! Go Max go!

  4. This is great news. I am inspired by the 2 of you daily. You have such great perspective. Way to go Max! We will continue to pray for you all.

  5. Such great news and answered prayer! Hope you get to go home with Max soon! Continuing to send prayers your way...
    Grace and Brock Griffin

  6. Tyler, Amy & Max, continued prayers for all of you. Thanks for the blog updates. No truer words were ever spoken than "never wanting to see your child suffer" and you all have already experienced that, yes, Tyler, in just 7 days! May God bless your family and continue to heal Max in the coming days and years! Congratulations to you on a beautiful family.
    Teresa Tugwell