Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting in the Groove of Things

Sorry for not posting anything since last week. It amazes me how I can be home all day and not find the time to be able to do a post. This week has been a little easier, and I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of this whole motherhood thing. The sleepless nights are getting easier, I'm learning how to soothe Max, and I'm loving him more and more everyday. Tyler is really getting attached to the little guy too. He loves to cuddle him in the evenings. He is definitely better at rocking Max to sleep than I am! Here's a recap of the last week...

Max got circumcised last Friday. Poor little guy. Lets just say he didn't think too much of it and it was a difficult day. I think we're both glad it's over.

Tyler's Dad (Tom) and stepmom (Lisa) came to visit for a few days last weekend. They had not met Max yet, and I think they really enjoyed spending time with him. We enjoyed our visit too. We don't get to see them very often, so it was nice to be able to spend a whole weekend together just hanging out and enjoying the baby.

Sara and her 5 month old, Colt, came to visit on Saturday. Sara was a roommate of mine in college for several years as well as a sorority sister and I miss seeing her.

My friends from work came over to meet Max on Sunday afternoon. It was great to see them and I really appreciated them taking time out of their weekend to come see us. They have been so sweet and supportive of our situation and it meant a lot for them to come visit.

Max spends most of his time either eating or sleeping and doesn't really have much awake time right now. Monday, was the exception. He decided to stay awake for several hours just looking around and entertaining himself. I took advantage of the situation and snapped some shots. It was so much fun just watching him curiously look around. I got so much joy out of it!

Tomorrow, we are going to have some newborn photographs taken. I'm really excited about it; hopefully we will get some good shots!

this one just makes my heart melt!
lookin cool!
Amy's friends from work came for a visit (Anna, Annette, Olivia, and Ashlee)
Lisa and Tom came to visit for the weekend
Sara and Colt also came by for a visit

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