Monday, July 11, 2011

Gonna Get Our Surgery On

We spoke with Dr. Radbill (Max's electrophysiologist) this morning, and it looks like Max is going to be getting a pacemaker today. The main deciding factor for going ahead with the pacemaker is the width of the qrs wave. The qrs wave measures the time it takes for the heart rate to flow from the atria (upper chamber) to the ventricle (lower chamber), and in Max's case, it takes too long.

Dr. Mettler will be performing the heart surgery. He came by this morning and did a really great job of walking us through the various risks of surgery. Surgery should take about an hour and Max should be heading home with us by Wednesday, assuming all goes well. The incision should be around an inch long in the middle of his chest and they will place the generator under the abdomen and stitch a lead to his ventricle. This is a very small pacemaker and Max will eventually grow out of it, but this one should last a few years. In all likelihood, Max will need a pacemaker for the rest of his life, but he will also be able to lead a very normal life.

As you can imagine, the thought of someone performing heart surgery on our 6 day old baby is a bit unnerving, but we feel so much better after speaking with Dr. Radbill and Dr. Mettler. We couldn't ask for better doctors to be working on Max.

We aren't exactly sure what time Max will have surgery. We have been told to expect sometime this afternoon, but please continue to pray for Max as well as the doctors and various staff members that continue to care for him. And again, thank you all so much for your continued support and prayers.

And now for the good stuff....

Max's door sign.

Max's suite.

Gangsta paci pose.

Cute kid, huh?

PJ came to see Max.

Uncle Eric feeding Max.

Momma feeding Max.

Changing my first dirty diaper.

Anne, Jess and Meg checking out Max....holla ladies.

Amy cuddling Max.

Max and I getting ready for our nap.

Meeting with Dr. Radbill this morning.

Dr. Mettler walking us through the surgery.

Already working on his golf grip.


  1. Hey Amy and Tyler, I have been praying already this morning, and will continue to, for Max to come through his surgery with flying colors, and for all attending to him to have a supernatural wisdom and discernment for every decision that will be made today. He is getting stronger physically every day, and his little spirit knows how much he is loved, and that makes him so strong psychologically, so I know he will do very well. God has his hand on little Max and He has a good plan for His life. May God be glorified in your sweet family!!! Hugs and love, Susan Davis and family

  2. We have been praying so hard today for max, the doctors and your family as well. Love you guys so much!!

  3. So sad, its really being painful for whats going on but still you have to stay brave against that.

  4. That is an adorable kiddo! Good luck with surgery. I pray it goes well and the big guy gets to come home soon!

  5. Hope the best and things will be fine and surgery will work according to the requirement.