Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Max Rocked Surgery

In and out....no problem. The doctors just came out to report a very successful surgery. Pacemaker is in and working. They set his ventricular rate at 90, so in the event his heart rate falls below 90, the pacemaker will kick in. The plan is to gradually increase the heart rate to pace around 120.

Max should be heading back up to the NICU in the next 20 minutes or so for recovery. They are telling us that we get to take him home as soon as he recovers, which could be as soon as tomorrow afternoon.

We truly can't thank you all enough for your continued prayers and for simply following the blog and sending us words of encouragement. This has been an exciting journey, but it's only the beginning....now we have to figure out how to raise a kid.

More photos to come this evening.


  1. we have been praying so hard!! So happy when i got megs text that he did great!

  2. Oh Yeah.. I just told my husband about an hour ago I wonder how Max is.. So glad to hear he is doing so well.. And you get to take him home Tomorrow.. (30 years ago tomorrow I had my first born) Love him and hold him and kiss him.. They do grow up fast. Now my baby has three boys and trying to adopt a baby boy... It's so amazing how you read somebody's blog and I honestly am so excited all is turning out so well.. Welcome to parenthood.. It's a great ride..